Kelly McLoughlin here, ready to discuss science for everyone and anyone willing to give it a chance. First thing everyone should know, I love science and I plan on having a long, committed, and happy relationship with it. I have loved science since before I even knew what it was.

You see, one of the first things you need to realize is that scientists are born. Ask almost every scientist what they wanted to be before being a scientist, because they will probably tell you they wanted to be a scientist. We can’t easily give up this dream, because when we were growing up everyone told us “You’re crazy!” and we replied “Yes indeed.” and then we all became scientists. So suck it Mrs. Jocus. What we do, do is shift our focus of scientific study as we figure out more of what we are interested in. And over time I have figured out that I love marine studies. whale-sharkWell I mean really it happened in 3rd grade when I read my first book on whale sharks and realized my dream of swimming with a wild one and riding its dorsal fin. Not the most distinguished dream, but nevertheless I was sucked into the marine science whirlpool and there was no turning back.

Marine science, for everyone who does not know, is the study of all of the sciences in relation to marine ecosystems. Marine scientists will typically specialize in biology, chemistry, physics, geology, immunology, microbiology, or evolutionary science. This is the key to marine science, many different specializations, working together to make new discoveries and solutions to ocean issues. pristine-seaScience today is so much more about collaboration, because problems the size of the ocean, cannot be fixed by a single person. These problems include loss of biodiversity within the oceans, climate change and warming oceans, overfishing that kills off species, and both chemical and waste pollution contaminating the water just to name a few. This is affecting us and our Earth and the other organisms that call it home and this is why marine research is so important now more than ever.

I personally am interested in the biological and evolutionary side of marine science and it has been a passion of mine for quite some time now and I plan on pursuing it all the way through graduate school. I have also been so blessed to have grown up in a family that supported me 100% and helped me cultivate this love for the water. After ten years of loving marine science, here I am, still loving it. And as I have matured and learned more about life, people, cooperation, and faith I have also learned more about how to approach science without belittling someone else’s beliefs, yet still confidently believing in my own. This, to me, is a very important part of science, because in order to make scientific information available to everyone, wesunset need to help people disaffiliate it with religion. I want everyone to expand what they think about science and read more about the topic I love, without strings attached to their practiced faith. I basically just want to share my passion with everyone willing to listen, and hope it inspires or interests someone else out there.

So here it is, me talking about science and life and well, aren’t those two things essentially the same?